On February 18th, 2015, 21 former members of the FSSF realism unit founded the 70th ID with the goal of creating a fun and inclusive community within Day of Defeat: Source. Since that day our unit has grown tremendously and we have had over 500 people enlist with us over the years.

Today we operate with an approximately 100 member player base, scrimming every day in our server with anywhere from 16 to 32 players. We play very strategically, utilizing tactics taught by people with cumulative decades of real-life military experience. These members spent a long time adapting what they learned in the real world to the game so that we could play at a higher level. We pride ourselves on the ability to use teamwork and patience to outperform pure game skill. Like any group, we expect some level of commitment as shown by our single attendance rule. If you are playing a game at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time we expect you to be in our server contributing to our unit. We have a tremendous amount of fun together, we learn from each other, we compete with each other, and we help each other in whatever way we can, even sometimes going beyond in-game issues.

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